All Rise (2015) 7’30” HD video

ALL RISE involved working with the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where students in their first year train in collaboration with London Zoo to become various animals. Instructors at PEM (Perdekamp Emotional Method) another set of participants, replace empathy and experienc within their technique with physiological connections with the internal organs. Working with them involved constructing images of rage, lust and grief transferable to the representation of animals. Other participants include a dancer/researcher from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance who mimics human actions associated with otherwise mechanized reprographic processes. The Magna Carta is read through a fist by a Royal College of Art graduate. Apes are mimicked by humans who work with them day to day.

Every element of the film involves an act of copying, translation or repetition.

In ALL RISE, all animals sounds are made by humans and all musical sounds are made by animals. The machinic reprographic sounds are made by machines. The sound of wood sawing and chain sawing at the very end of the film is made by a lyrebird, imitating the sounds of its habitat being destroyed.
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