Reminiszenzen der Erinnerung (2010) DV-PAL, 11.15 mins

Reminiszenzen der Erinnerung is set in the UK and Germany. It was made during a six month fellowship at Kunstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral in Bad Ems, a spa town near Koblenz frequented in the 19th century by visitors such as Gogol, Turgenev and Dostoyevsky and subsequently a favourite stopover for Hitler during WW2. The latter is a fact largely written out of local history. A script was written following four obsessive months of reading novels and watching films that deal with memory and forgetting. This is combined with appropriated scenes from Fellini’s ‘Amacord’ (1973) and Frampton’s ‘Nostalgia’ (1971), and with excerpts from Borges’ ‘The Aleph’ (1970) and Mann’s ‘The Magic Mountain’ (1924). A collaged story is told of a woman’s patchy memory of a man losing his mind.

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